Top 10 Luxury Sedans | Cars To Look Out For In 2016

Although the vibrant trend among the new cars coming to India this year are clearly towards SUVs and crossovers, that doesn’t mean we are out of variety! Sedans, the most classic form of the automobile, always symbolises elegance and clarity in terms of design. They are the most fun to drive and handle on roads, and are the epitome of ultimate performance and back seat luxury. Here are the top ten luxury sedans that are worth waiting for this year.

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#1. BMW 7-Series

The new 7-series is car on which we can write a fantasy book; it’s nothing short of being a technological marvel. Dimensionally very close to its predecessor, the 7-series in its latest iteration grows just over an inch in length, while its width and height remain largely unchanged. BMW is using “Carbon Core” structure – a mix of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic, aluminum, and high strength steel – to built this ultimate machine. Carbon fibre is used in key areas all around the body thereby reducing all around weight. BMW will bring only the long wheelbase version to India and this is a strategy they are using in many parts of the world where these cars are mostly chauffeur driven. The new chassis features standard air suspension front and rear, along with electronically controlled dampers and optional active anti-roll bars. A choice of multiple engine options will be offered in India, in both petrol and diesel avatars.

#2. Volvo S90

Here comes the most radical sedan Volvo has ever made. After a massive hit with the next-gen XC90, the first impressions of the all-new S90 are positive. It features Volvo’s new ‘Thor’s hammer’ headlights, an upright grille that pops out for greater effect, a swooping roofline and distinctive C-shaped tail-lamps. Further, it is based on the same platform as the XC90 SUV and is therefore longer and wider than the S80 it replaces. The wheelbase is also longer, therefore more space is assured inside. The interiors get a new uncluttered dashboard dominated by an iPad-like touchscreen infotainment screen, plenty of wood panelling and a few high-quality touches of chrome as well. The S90 will be powered by Volvo’s new range of 2.0-litre diesels that put out 235bhp. Prices are likely to start from around INR 45 lakh.

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#3. Audi A8

Audi has started the first public road trials of the chassis of its next-generation A8. Those mechanicals should be Audi’s new MLB Evo platform, an evolution of the MLB platform found in the current A8. The new A8 will be lighter and will be offered with alternative powertrains. The engine lineup should be similar to the current A8’s offerings, meaning V6 and V8 units. A W12 is also likely to be offered once more. Finally, we can expect advanced infotainment features as well as new autonomous driving technology. The new A8 will also come with gesture controls, which is the trend of late. Look for the new A8 to be revealed in late 2016 or early 2017. A sporty S8 and long-wheelbase A8 L should also be introduced around then.

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#4. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

While Mercedes was testing the new model underneath a C-class body for months, the connection between the E-Class and the 2015 C-Class goes deeper than that, since they share the auto maker’s MRA (Modular Rear Architecture) platform. The mid-size luxury sedan is expected to have a longer wheelbase, which will be translated into superior rear passenger space. Not to forget the looks inspired by the larger S-Class. At the base of the 2017 E-Class line-up, we’ll find new three- and four-cylinder engines, while the rumour mill also talks about the German car maker returning to straight six engines – just like the new AMG twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 is made of two 2.0 litre 4-cylinder AMG blocks, the straight six will share parts with the 3- and 4-pot mills. The E-Class will also move a notch above the current gen model as far as pricing is concerned. Hence it will cost close to what was the original price of the flagship S-Class. But it will be worth it.Also Read: 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class – In Pictures & Video 

#5. Jaguar XE

With the all-new XE luxury sedan as its most affordable model, Jaguar will finally have an answer to the German trio – BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4 –  in India. Its unique advantage is that it’s made almost entirely of aluminium, making it lighter, more efficient and also a better performer. That performance comes courtesy of the XF’s 2.0-litre petrol motor and a brand new 2.0-litre diesel, both with eight-speed automatic gearboxes. The XE has been on sale overseas for some time now, and the reason India has had to wait is because it will be locally assembled right from day one. A competitive pricing is well assured as well.

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#6. Skoda Superb

The currently selling Superb is big, luxurious and offers great value for money, all of which made it a popular executive sedan. Guess what, its upcoming replacement is even bigger and more luxurious, setting a new benchmark for space in its class. It will be loaded with high-tech features too. The top-of-the-line Laurin & Klement variant, likely to be launched here will get Skoda’s SmartLink touchscreen infotainment system that incorporates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, for instance. It will also get a plush, leather-lined interior, a 10-speaker audio system and 17-inch alloys. The new Superb’s lighter body, coupled with powerful engines should make it a sprightly performer. The car will arrive with the choice of a 160bhp, 2.0-litre diesel and a 178bhp, 1.8-litre petrol engine, both mated to dual-clutch automatic transmissions. At an estimated price of INR 25-30 lakh, why would you ever buy an Audi A6 or VW Passat??

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#7. Audi A4

The new A4 is an all-new car, although it looks like just another facelift, with its similar shape and profile. But the new A4 is very different from the current car, under the skin. Built on a new set of mechanicals, this car is lighter, stronger and as a result, dynamically superior to the outgoing one. The ride quality is a big step up, important for Indian car buyers. It’s also sharper to drive. Performance with the updated engines is likely to be much stronger as well. The biggest change, however, is on the inside. The cabin features Audi’s new interior design language, first seen on the new Q7. As a result, the new A4 cabin gets prominent metallic inserts, large hi-def colour screens and all the telephone and web connectivity you can desire. Having ticked all the right boxes, expect the A4 to up the ante against its competition upon its launch sometime in the middle of the year.

#8. Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen had promised to get the new generation Passat to India in 2016 and hopefully the company sticks to the plan in spite of going through a serious controversy. The Passat was the first car to be launched in India by VW and this new version is miles ahead when it comes to overall performance and even features. The new design is evident and looks more mature. It is considerably larger both in terms of length and wheelbase. This means the new Passat will offer more space than before, even more than the Merc E-Class. This eighth generation version will continue to be offered with the tried and tested 2.0-litre TDI engine which will be retuned to comply with various norms. Expect the new Passat to be launched in the later part of this year with a price slightly tipping over INR 30 lakhs.

#9. Honda Accord

The Honda Accord went from being a lean, luxury mile muncher to a big, flabby sedan before being discontinued in India altogether. But Honda will add the Accord back into its Indian line-up in 2016, this time in a tighter, nicer-to-drive and more luxurious guise. Space was always a USP for the Accord. The interior of the new car builds on that and is just as spacious as the earlier one. Quality levels are much higher and there’s loads more equipment here as well. Honda is likely to use an updated version of the 2.4 engine and the car could be launched with its new CVT gearbox for greater efficiency. expect it to be fast, fun, efficient, and nicely built on the inside. It will be expensive though; prices could start around the INR 27 lakh mark. A hybrid variant is on the anvil as well, but later.

#10. Hyundai Elantra

The out-going Elantra was quite stunning when it was launched back in 2012, and still looks far greater than many in its class. The next-gen Elantra further evolves its predecessor’s classy styling. The new car is only marginally longer and wider, but claims to offer a big step-up in interior space. The equipment list is expected to include heated seats, a blind-spot warning and possibly even pedestrian detection system. A 7-inch Touchscreen will handle infotainment duties, including the option of satellite navigation and Android Auto. The Elantra’s engine line-up is likely to include 1.6-litre petrol and diesel units. Both manual and automatic transmissions will be on offer for both engines with the option of a 7-speed DCT for the petrol motor. The Elantra will compete with the new Skoda Octavia, VW Jetta, Toyota corolla and the newly face-lifted Chevrolet Cruze in India.

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