2017 Range Rover Evoque Convertible: Photo Album

The world’s first luxury crossover cum convertible is here. Land Rover has unveiled the convertible version of its baby Range Rover that combines the distinctive silhouette of the Evoque and the elegance of the convertible design.

The Evoque convertible becomes the fifth model in the Range Rover family. The greatness of this car lies in the distinctive four-seat design and versatile storage, in spite of a folding roof that eats up a lot of space. Land Rover says that the convertible meets the rigorous standards, structural rigidity, refinement, safety, comfort and all-tarmac capability levels of the Range Rover family.

The Z-fold mechanism of the fabric roof brings an uncluttered appearance in the rear and is space saving. It can be operated at speeds of up to 48 kmph. In fact, the fabric roof of the Evoque convertible is the longest and widest currently fitted to any vehicle on sale today.

Car safety and utility features hasn’t been overlooked in the convertible version, says the company. Almost equal levels of equipment and comfort that of the Evoque model is expected in the convertible version as well.

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2017 RR Evoque Convertible – Image Gallery

Photos Credit: Land Rover, Netcarshow.com, World Car Fans

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