Toyota’s Hybrid concepts at Auto Shanghai 2013

This year at the Shanghai Auto Expo, the “Hybrid” mania is clearly discernible. What’s more important is the localised research and development (R and D) of hybrid systems and technologies in China for their domestic market by the global manufacturers. 
Toyota created buzz at the floor of the Auto Shanghai 2013 by unveiling
two of its hybrid concept cars – Toyota FT-HT Yuejia and Yungdong
Shauangqing II.


The FT-HT Yuejia is a 6-seater concept which is elegant and futuristic
in styling cues. The dramatic pillar-less scissor door design is
admirable and the cabin signifies state-of-the-art refinement. Three
rows of seating with two individual seats is attractive. It has a hybrid
driveline which is under development. It is essentially a concept, but
Toyota alludes the fact the it will be sold exclusively in China once
entering the assembly line. FT means “Future Toyota” I guess. But what about HT? Any idea??

The Yungdong Shauangqing II, though not the most pronounceable model
name (that not our problem isn’t it??), is the second developmental
version of the concept, the first one made its world premiere at the
Beijing Motor Show last year. This is a hybrid vehicle and again a
China-only concept. It is equipped with a hybrid powertrain which was
developed at the company’s research and development plant in Changshu,
China. Though the names are not that comforting for us to spell, it is
interesting to note their etymology. “Yundong” means ‘movement upon
clouds’, the company’s corporate slogan in China. It signifies an idea
of innovation, dynamism and eco-friendliness. “Shauangqing” denotes
“dual support” referring to the two power sources of the petrol-electric
hybrid system of the car.


Toyota also featured two other concepts, the important one being the
Corolla-based electric saloon called Ranz.

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