Mahindra e2o Electric Car: Unfolding The Futurity

Remember it is not ‘e-twenty’! It is ‘e-2-o’. But let’s keep aside the puzzling naming conventions of Mahindra with words ending with an ‘o’ sound. This quirky little car boasts the title of India’s only full-electric vehicle on production, a car with no exhaust pipe and thus pretty ‘Green’!  

Mahindra e2o Electric car

More than that, this car does have some of the cool technologies that shows some sense of futurity.

Worth to point out is the mobile interface applications of the e2o. Each car comes with an inbuilt GSM activated chip and an on-board computer that makes the difference. All you get is an e2o smartphone Android app, using which you can lock or unlock the car from anywhere. By a touch of a button, pre-cooling or pre-heating the cabin at a specific time is now easy.

One of the elemental limitation of the e2o is its restricted driving range of 100kms in full charge and the infrastructure to allow charging from an external power source within the range. We usually don’t have power outlets at the parking areas and so a special outlet will be needed. For its part, Mahindra say that it’ll do that installation at home and is included in the purchasing package.

The company has also set up a network of charging stations in the eight cities, though Mahindra-Reva’s home city of Bangalore as well as cities like Delhi and Mumbai have the maximum number. Drivers can locate those charging points and service stations in their mobiles using the smartphone app and also in the GPS-enabled navigation system on the dash. The e2o’s on-board computer monitors the driving and sends the data to the company. It constantly tells the driver about the driving range and problems if any. 

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The SOS feature REVive, as the company patented, gives you an extra 7-8 km driving range when the battery reserve dips below 10 percent. Touch a button, the feature alerts the company R & D and then they release the extra driving power. However, this can be done only three times to ensure that you do charge correctly and on time. The GSM chip sends data to the company about the car’s driving and charge history and the condition of the vehicle. Electronics troubleshooting and any software upgrades can be done that prevents you from visiting the service center most of the time.

The car’s on board electronics sounds great isn’t it?? The e2o is a breakthrough in unfolding the future of car electronics and a good attempt indeed.

Dhiyanesh Ravichandran

Editorial consultant (Automotive and Technology), academic, and blogger based in India. He can be reached at

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  1. Electric cars are one time investment and in future they will always be cost effective.Reva and E2o can be a good choice for people.

    • Krish Kumar says:

      @Mahindra e2o – Cost Effective: Are there any necessities to replace the batteries that power the e2o? If so, tell me about the life of batteries & cost involved..

  2. Mahamad Omar says:

    u know man, we are starting a new project in producing one prototype of a hybrid vehicle, and we are interested alot in hybrids and EVs…And i read alot about India development and revloutionary EVs like REVA, Mahindra and the best of all TATA…i think India has become a big market for technology development…I just wanted to say, nice work India…and i hope i could learn more and wish India the best all the way…

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