JLR Builds A New Winter Testing Facility

From a four-wheel vehicle primarily conceived to help farmers face the rugged terrain of the Britain’s countryside, Land Rover has evolved into a premium brand offering some of the posh SUVs. The company’s scope is diverse and expanding. With the launch of the new Range Rover and considering its current model range, it is no surprising to know that the company, with its sister brand Jaguar, has built a new winter testing facility in International Falls, Minnesota, United States.

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The Tata Motors owned British icons will use this facility to test their vehicle’s durability to extreme harsh weather conditions. The new testing facility has the state-of-the-art technology and expertise to put the cars into extreme conditions, examine all weather driving capabilities and improve their safety and handling. This includes cold testing chambers, snow-covered test surfaces, a frozen lake, and a concrete test track.
International Falls in the borders of Canada, is one of the coldest place in the US and the temperatures may drop as low as -55? F (-48? C). It can be an ideal location to test the cold weather resistance of JLR cars. It could be a strategic moves for the company to expand its operations in the US and improve its research and development.
It is to be noted that the JLR owns a hot weather test center in Phoenix, Arizona.

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