BMW’s new 3-cyl engine

BMW is better known for its performance oriented engines and sporting driving experience. May it be the 4 cylinder motor in the 180i (Europe) or the 6-cylinder in 335i or the 8 and even mighty the 12-cylinder engine in the 7-Series, all have set standards for sport performance and power. And now the company is ready with a new engine, meant to take advantage of Efficient Dynamics system – a complex program involving engine management, aerodynamics and lightweight construction for a lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. 

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The new engine is the half of an in-line 6-cylinder motor cut through the middle, which means it ensures the typical BMW genes of power and greater torque. A balance shaft works with the camshaft to eliminate the roughness, usual character of small engines.

New 3-cyl engine in 1-Series

The balance shaft is located deep inside the engine housing to save space. Each cylinders is of 500cc displacement and is amazingly powerful, strong and dynamic says BMW. It is clueless to guess that a 3-cylinder engine works under the hood when you put the car to the extreme, it adds. It will also benefit from Valvetronic variable valve timing, high
pressure fuel injection and will use a single, double-sided
turbocharger. However, the company also plans to introduce plug-in hybrids and pure electric cars to extend its portfolios.

Dhiyanesh Ravichandran

Dhiyanesh is equally crazy about driving cars and writing about them. This guy loves everything with a steering wheel, so, at someday if self-driving cars take up all driving, he is sure to go nuts! He likes sedans of 90s era, esp W140 S-Class and R34 Skyline GT. Apart from usual motoring stuffs, he maintains a strong appetite for sociological perspectives on cars, their historical and cultural footprints. He owns a 1999 Fiat Siena passionately, and drives a Ford Fiesta.