Mahindra Quanto: Quantum leap??

It’s Quann-‘tho’ to spell and not Quan-‘toe’ or whatever! Well, Mahindra’s naming convention of its cars ending with ‘O’ is all just fine, but the chopped-up version of its Xylo doesn’t make much sense to the booming MPV or mini-SUV segment in the Indian market. 

The new Quanto is essentially the Xylo in all spheres and I hardly thought that the company would just chop its rear part to bring in a ‘mini Xylo’. Nothing has been restyled except the rear pillar, tail lamps and the spare wheel housing, making the car so odd and disproportionate. The car is tall but looks shrunken in terms of length to get the small car (below 4m) excise duty, and smaller wheels makes the car look graceless. It seems less appealing buyers of this segment and they would certainly expect something new. 

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The interiors too are same as the Xylo but what you get is superb ride height and high driving position for a car of this kind. Leg room and boot space are alright and it is better to leave those two jump seats folded-up! Mahindra engineers have knocked-off a cylinder to reduce capacity to 1.5 litre, and the refinement of this 3-cylinder unit should be better. I had a very short drive, yet I can say that the noise-vibration levels of engine inside the cabin is surprisingly low and the car has a very different drive character.

The Quanto is interestingly priced and well equipped as well. Though it may not give more annoyance to respectable Renault Duster and Maruti Ertiga, it is certainly going to beat the Premier Rio with better package and brand reliance. However, it can make some number only till the arrival of the Ford Ecosport, which is far more capable and appealing in all terms.

Dhiyanesh Ravichandran

Editorial consultant (Automotive and Technology), academic, and blogger based in India. He can be reached at

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