2013 Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake Is A Shooting Star


2013 Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake

It’s inexplicable to say why I love Station wagons. Ever since my childhood (Tata Estate would be the first one I saw probably), my curiosity towards Station wagons was enormous. Our market hardly had few but the dearth of wagons today never diminished my interest on them, thought it is quite disappointing. Sports wagons obsessed me quite recently with their extreme super slick designs and dynamics. The best example I can quote here is the Caddilac CTS Sports Wagon! And now, Mercedes Benz has made it official and released full detains of its much anticipated CLS wagon, the 2013 CLS “Shooting Brake”.  The car is expected to go for sale in Europe within next few months, and little latter in the US. However, it is uncertain that Mercedes would bring this to India.

  You get a bewildering countenance when you hear the car’s name, right?? Break, or the homonym Brake, was the name once given to carriages used
to “break” in wild horses and also to restrict (or “brake”) their urge
to move, so that they could be put to use as work horses. Since the
carts could easily be broken as part of this process, people tended not
to use ones which they may have urgently needed for other purposes. Where necessary, “Brakes” were often fitted out with variable bodies,
which were only really used to carry along anything that may have been
necessary for the hunt, for example. Any such vehicle which was used
when going out shooting was called a Shooting Brake or Shooting Break.
Motorised Shooting Brakes were popular in England in the 60s and 70s –
exclusive two-door sports cars, which combined the luxury and style of a
coupé with a larger load compartment and large tailgate.
     The CLS Shooting Brake sets example for diligent design involving creativity with innovation. It is a lot like the Cadillac CTS Wagon and similar in execution. The proportions are clearly those of a coupe and create a basic stance which makes it look ready for the off: the
long bonnet, narrow-look windows with frameless side windows, and
dynamic roof sloping back towards the rear. It is only when taking a
second look that it becomes clear that the Shooting Break actually has
five doors and offers “more” in terms of function. The coupe-like wagon is actually a great idea when you look at the functionality of the vehicle. The load volume is awfully generous – 590 and 1550 litres, the luggage compartment offers a lot of
room despite the flat, sporty lines of the roof, and is easy to use
thanks to the automatically opening tailgate fitted as standard.

     The high CLS standards apply in the interiors of the Shooting Brake in terms of layout design, elegance and hand-crafted perfection. It is lined with high-quality carpet, and the hand-stitched material is
also incorporated into the sideliners in conjunction with leather
appointments. Optional designer loading rails made of aluminium give an
even more exclusive look. The use of wood in the luggage compartment is a testimony of fine technology and sheer craftsmanship. The car is offered in five interior colours, five trim designs and also three qualities of leather to choose from.  The interior is given an even more progressive look with the addition of
piano lacquer or AMG carbon fibre/black piano lacquer trim elements. A
completely new addition comes in the form of porcelain interior
appointments which afford both CLS models a sense of luxury normally
found in the S-Class. 
     There is no dearth of class-leading technology in this car.  The dynamic full LED High Performance headlamp, Intelligent lightweight construction and aerodynamics, Airmatic suspension, and the list goes on. It is offered in Europe with four different
engine variants – two diesel engines and two petrol engines. Features
common to all engines include the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission
as well as the ECO start/stop function. In addition, two models are
available with all-wheel drive: the CLS 350 CDI 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY
and the CLS 500 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY.

     In essence the CLS Shooting Brake represents an unprecedented version of a sports car with five seats and a large tailgate. It is a special proposition for people
looking to differentiate themselves from the mainstream, and who do not
wish to compromise on either sportiness or stowage space when it comes
to travelling in style. It is radical and agressive, bold and dynamic just like the CLS. Ready for action….

Dhiyanesh Ravichandran

Editorial consultant (Automotive and Technology), academic, and blogger based in India. He can be reached at wagenclub@gmail.com

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