The 3-Series Delight From BMW!

The 2012 BMW 3-Series is ready! Since 1975, the
3-Series has been a byword for both elegance and speed. It is the flagship
model of the German automaker BMW and is sold in 132 countries including India.
The 2012 model is its sixth generation version. So, what’s the secret of the
car’s popularity??

BMW says that there is no specific target group for
the 3-Series. There is a wide spectrum of buyers both young, who want to drive
a sporty car, and conservative drivers with regional variations. So, that makes
developing the car just that difficult and interesting. A third of all cars
that rolls off the BMW production line is a 3-Series. A lot is depending on the
new model in maintaining that success record. And that remains to be a hectic
challenge for everyone at the BMW who are part of the car’s design team.

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The most important character of every BMW perhaps is
its design. The front-end of the new 3-Series is a typical BMW, thanks to the
kidney shaped grille, but it is flatter and wider than its predecessor. A
worthy notice would be its headlights that flank the grille, is very unique and
eye-catching. They are wide and flat and boast LED technology. There are even
hints of the Z4 sports coupe in the nose. On the whole, the front end aims a
concentrated styling – a look that people will notice in their rear-view
mirrors!  The side profile is even more
interesting. The dual side lines rise constantly as they move to the rear of
the car – that gives the appearance that the car is moving forward even when it
is standing still. From the rear, the L-shaped taillights remind me of the
bigger 5 Series and blend well with the shoulder line, while the integrated
spoiler on the boot gives it a sporty appearance. Overall, the car is much sleeker, more muscular and
has an even more pronounced long-bonnet cab-backward stance to highlight
rear-wheel-drive and the attendant dynamic abilities.

A more concentrated front-end styling. Headlamps are the best part.
The interior of the car is very sporty. The principle
of the entire cockpit has been designed around the driver – puts all important
controls within easy reach giving the feeling that he has absolute control over
this high-tech vehicle. I think, this BMW shows that character more than the 5
or 7-Series. The interior look is defined by three character lines – the Sport Line,
Luxury Line and Modern Line – that determine colour coordination.
A driver-focused cockpit, more than 5 or 7-Series

The new 3-Series will be showcased at the 2012 Delhi
Auto Expo
in January. The Indian version is expected to come with the same 2.0
litre common-rail diesel unit but the 6-speed automatic transmission will be
replace by a S-speeder, which will be standard across all the variants. A 2.0
litre petrol engine powered with twin-scroll turbo will also be a new offering.

Dhiyanesh Ravichandran

Editorial consultant (Automotive and Technology), academic, and blogger based in India. He can be reached at

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