How To Have A ‘COOL’ Car??

I understand
what summer really means to us. With blistering temperatures prevailing
constantly from day to dusk and holidays round the corner, it is a nightmare
for every travellers to pursue summer trips. That too with a malfunctioning car
AC, which usually breakdowns when its presence is obligatory, things turn awful.
So, making the most out of our car’s Air Conditioner is very important. 
are a few tips to have a cool car.

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1. Keep
refrigerant levels topped up. The AC system is hopeless without it.
2. Check the
connecting hoses for cracks or leaks, or you’ll be cooling your engine bay.
Ensure that the vents are clear too.
3. The
condenser should be cleaned with compressed air and then with water.
4. Service
the blower motor regularly.
5. Clean
pollen filters regularly, if your car has one, or prepare to sneeze forever.

6. Checks to
see if the ducts carrying cold air go where they are supposed to.

7. Make sure
the door seals are in good condition and close tight, else all that wonderful,
cool air will just cool your B and C-pillars, which are too grateful to thank
8. Cover
your side-windows with high-quality anti-UV film to prevent the ambient heat
from turning a parked into an oven. Film colour isn’t really a factor, and very
dark shady film will be frowned upon by the cops.

Dhiyanesh Ravichandran

Editorial consultant (Automotive and Technology), academic, and blogger based in India. He can be reached at

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