Nissan Micra – A Cute Hatch

Nearly ten months ago, Nissan unveiled its first all-new hatch in
India. The baby named Micra was a ray of hope for the Nissan India to make a
difference in the Indian Automobile Industry. We can admit that Nissan
succeeded in its venture by Micra’s decent sales. Since its conceptual launch
is 2009, Micra’s some distinctive feature, may be in its interior-exterior
styling, dynamics, etc. grabs my attention.

The Micra is based on the Nissan’s all new V-platform, a cost
effective one. From what I saw, the build quality appears solid. It isn’t as
instant-robust as the German cars, but doesn’t have the carefully engineered
lightness that the Japanese cars do so well either. It takes a solid middle
path. I don’t think this car is a styling icon. Nor do I think it needs to be
that in this segment – although looking good always helps – just ask Angelina
Jolie! Substantial, in fact, was the very word I kept returning to when I was
trying to distill my impression of the Micra into one Word.

Its styling is quite simpler and familiar, not a sportier as Chevy
Beat or VW Polo do. The Nissan has stayed away from edgy styling and Micra
appeals more bulbous. The high-mounted head lamp cluster and two part front
grille is very attractive as does the front underskirts and the rounded fog
lamps. The side panels give a bigger appeal to the car from the front side
view. Especially the tall-flat bonnet contrasting the sloping downward trend
that most other hatches employ. The designers of the Micra were highly critical
about the visibility and driver’s confidence. This gives drivers a clearer
sense of size and make their ability to manage the Micra in traffic and parking
much easier. The doors are good but looks familiar as does the handles and
lines on the door. The arched profile of the cabin is something that is carried
over from Nissan’s DNA – feels good. 

The rear gives me a retro-like styling
with bulged and unconventional rear lamps and the panel lines unconventionally
flowing towards the rear windshield in the door. This makes Micra slightly
awkward, looking significantly more retro than the rest.

Overall, Micra’s
styling looks retro, more than a bit. But it does claim to be ‘good’, ‘clear’
and ‘fun’. It comes across a cute and cheerful design which is unique and
distinctive, will surely appeal to people who wants to be different,
especially. Micra would probably be the car I would gift my beloved!

Dhiyanesh Ravichandran

Editorial consultant (Automotive and Technology), academic, and blogger based in India. He can be reached at

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