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Verdict: The all-new TUV300 is technically far superior vehicle than the Bolero, in addition to being more practical, better value-for-money and of better quality as well.

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Pricing and Features: Bolero’s ZLX variant is the most popular amongst customers who buy it for personal use and not as a taxi. It costs 8.10 Lakh, ex-showroom Delhi. Within the same budget, customers now have the option of the TVU300’s T6 Plus variant, which costs read more…

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Performance and Drivability: Except for a couple of ultra low cost cars, the Bolero is one of the most sluggish vehicles available in the market today. It has good drivability at low revs, making it easy to drive around town. But out on the highways, it is read more…
Fuel Efficiency: TUV300 has an ARAI certified mileage of 18.49 kmpl (both manual & automatic transmission), which is 2.53 kmpl more than Bolero’s fuel efficiency of read more…
Space and Comfort: Even though the Bolero is visually bigger and is 110 mm longer than the TUV300, it is significantly less roomy on the inside. The age old 2500 cc engine of the Bolero takes up a lot of space leaving the occupants with a much smaller space than the TUV300. As a result the Bolero has read more…

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Ride Quality and Handling: Bolero is arguably one of the worst handling cars in the country and the TUV300 is a huge improvement over it, even though it is still nowhere close to rivals like EcoSport and Duster. The problem is that Mahindra is ignorant enough to brag about read more…
After Sales Service: Both cars are supported by Mahindra’s widespread network, which thanks to its tractor stable mates has managed to penetrate in places where most automotive brands won’t reach for decades to come. However, the reliability of a Mahindra product is still read more…
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