Koenigsegg Regera Is An Insanely Powerful 1,500 hp Hybrid Supercar With No Gearbox

Yeah, no gearbox. No transmission. No shit! Simply 1,500 hp power and 400 kmph in less than 20 seconds!! Tip your hat to this “Mega Car” revealed at the just began 2015 Geneva International Motor Show, the Koenigsegg Regera – what the company calls as the “world’s fastest luxury hypercar”. Valued at $ 1.89 million, this car is undeniably the most advanced sports car ever made in the planet.

Since the last week, it is like Diwali for every motor enthusiasts across the globe, thanks to the prominence of the Geneva Show. Koenigsegg, the Swiss supercar spawner, shook the show on its first day by revealing its new hybrid hypercar Regera. The term “Regera” literally means “to reign” in Swedish, and yes, it does appear like one to rule over every other track monsters. Christian Von Koenigsegg, the founder of the company, has done something phenomenal in the world of track engineering with this car.

This car is the first to feature the incredible technology which wards off gearbox, the Koenigsegg Direct Drive. All I know is the gearbox has been replaced with a hydraulic clutch. The total output of 1,500 hp and 2,000 Nm of torque is transmitted to the real wheels, which also houses an electric motor each. Christian Von Koenigsegg came up with this idea eight months ago, worked on it, and has patented it as well.

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The car weighs around 1.5 tonnes (3,130 pounds). The whooping 1,500 hp power comes from a 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine capable of producing up to 1,100 hp in gas. There is a 9 kwh liquid-cooled battery pack, and three electric motors made by Rimac – two of which are at each rear wheels for torque vectoring. It does have a pure-electic drive range of 33 kms (21 miles). Stripping off the gearbox takes care of this extra load, saving 200 kgs comparing to a same setup with a DCT (Dual-clutch Transmission).

It’s track performance is hardly digestible. The company claims that the Regera is capable of reaching a top-speed of 400 kmph (248 mph) in less than 20 seconds. The 0-100 kmph sprint takes just 2.8 seconds. Okay, I had this problem too – if you don’t get how fast it actually is – let me put it is perspective. A Ferrari La Ferrari, what many considers as an ideal supercar, clocks 0-300 kmph (187 mph) in 15 seconds. You get that now?? No more words please!

Look at this car. It’s different from the Agera lineup and is to be built alongside as a separate model. The curvaceous design, “constellation” LEDs, large air intakes, curved windscreen for a panoramic view, and swivel doors are a different imagination. It is quintessentially a Koenigsegg too with carbon-fibre panels, aluminium honey-comb chassis, aerodynamics, carbon-ceramic brakes, titanium exhaust systems, and signature removable hard top for a roadster-like feel. Leather sewn interiors and billet aluminum controls are on the inside. It has also got a 9-inch Neonate touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay, WiFi, and 3G, 8-way power adjustable memory foam seats, and a rear and cabin camera systems.

What is phenomenal about Regera is its Hybrid touch and also this car ushers into the new era of direct drive.  This is undeniably the most advanced sports car ever made in the planet. Koenigsegg says that only 80 Regeras will be produced. Can I get to see one at least??

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  1. Sexy track machine. But McLaren is also unveiling new monsters up there at Geneva. Ford GT is also here..

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