A Rolls Royce Concept Exclusively Designed For Dogs!

Yes, you get that right – Dogs! We love our dogs don’t we?? They doesn’t argue, simply worship us all day, and never asks beyond cookies – that’s why remain as man’s best friend! London based automotive and product designer Niels van Roij has designed an ultimate luxury mobility for the dogs of nobility, which will be showcased at the upcoming Geneva Auto Expo. It is a Rolls Royce shooting brake model with an enhanced trunk, convenient ramp to get in easily, and wireless door opening – all for your dog!

There are already luxury hotels, spas and even luxury designer lines for dogs of royal houses in every global cities. India is never an exception, where orphan dogs in the city streets outnumber people sometimes! People spend more than considerable for their dogs. So, how can a car from Rolls Royce, a brand signifying nobleness and opulence, designed for dogs of aristocrats ever be a bizarre idea??

We have seen many shooting brake concepts earlier too, but this car designed over the Rolls Royce Ghost chassis is really fantastic. Only difference is that this car is primarily a luxury transport for noble dogs, and two men can just accompany them! Neils van Roij’s site explains the concept is a rather amusing way: “The privilege of stylish traveling with two and your dogs, allowing good interaction, great comfort and safety for all”.

The concept includes a dog recognition system with a special dog collar containing an RFID chip (or some similar wireless tech) that the car can detect. When the car senses the dog is approaching, the rear of the car opens
and deploys a special ramp. Then the dog can walk up, climb into the flat-bed rear compartment, and then probably round the area by sniffing before collapsing onto the carpet.Dogs will never sit patiently, without doing something. Are the rich people dogs alone going to understand that they are in a Rolls Royce and behave better? I hope the designers think before using materials for the car’s interiors, because I have a dog that could make those lovely leather-upholstered, nicely carved walls look like made of worn-out gunny bags!

Even though this Rolls Royce “dog car” is nothing more than an exotic concept, it is ridiculously stupid and unrealistic. Not just in terms of pricing or their commercial success, but the idea in itself is very wild. Even as a dream!

So learn your lesson. Whenever you think out of frustration that you could better be born as a dog instead of what you are now, aspire for a rich household! You can at least enjoy a bespoke Rolls Royce, which as a human most of us simply can’t.

Photos Credit: Yankodesign.com

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