Our First Anniversary

     This February marks the first anniversary of WagenClub. And it’s the perfect time to celebrate the pride, the joy and gratification. It was exactly an year ago we started this drive, purely out of our passion for cars. It is an intricate struggle to mark our footprints in this crowded world, which is yet to be succeeded by us, but we continue to struggle, this time gaining experiences about pitfalls on our journey.
WagenClub thanks all its readers and well-wishers for their over-whelming encouragement and support for every initiatives by us along our way and we are determined to deliver you the best we can affort you.
Because all we want, to make our dreams a reality, is just an inspiration.
An inspiration from ourselves!!

Dhiyanesh Ravichandran

Dhiyanesh is equally crazy about driving cars and writing about them. This guy loves everything with a steering wheel, so, at someday if self-driving cars take up all driving, he is sure to go nuts! He likes sedans of 90s era, esp W140 S-Class and R34 Skyline GT. Apart from usual motoring stuffs, he maintains a strong appetite for sociological perspectives on cars, their historical and cultural footprints. He owns a 1999 Fiat Siena passionately, and drives a Ford Fiesta.