Paris loves Cars!

Show Car: SLS AMG electric drive
It could have been the great EuroZone crisis behind I guess, as fuel economy, efficiency and cost- effectiveness principle took the front seats of the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

Sexy Rear: Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

That also goes for the Panamera Sport Turismo from Porsche. Shooting Brake model with a hybrid drive system. When Porsche came up with the Cayenne off-roader and the Panamera sedan, they were viewed with much skepticism. But, they proved to be successful nonetheless. It is essentially the rear of Panamera where the changes have taken place to bring in this station wagon (a bit unkind to use the term perhaps!).

BMW brought in its Active Tourer concept, which introduced a new plug-in-hybrid to the compact class. The car includes the e-drive concept from the i8. Mercedes features its B-class electric drive concept and a B-class powered by natural gas driveline. But the real show car of the motor show was the blue colour SLS AMG electric drive. This car runs purely on electric power offering extra-ordinary fun at wheels without taking greater toll at the environment. Bentley unveiled the Continental GT3 race car, exhibiting the company’s aspiration to return to motorsport. The Volkswagen’s new Golf GTI also made its debut here. There were plenty of small, tiny micro-cars like the Opel Adam found place at the show. They are compact for city use, cheaper yet could offer us fun at wheels.
Back to Track: Bentley Continental GT3
The Nissan Terra FCEV is a crossover concept, an all electric fuel cell SUV with futuristic design and technologies. It offers four-wheel drive and no emissions at all, drawing drivetrain from the Leaf. Suzuki unveiled its new S-Cross concept car, a compact class SUV.  With this SsangYong unveiled its final eXiv concept, an electric hybrid with 1-litre 2- cylinder Petrol engine mated to a 107 bhp eletric motor with a 16 Kw Li-on battery.

Nissan Terra FCEV crossover concept

Opel Adam: Micro cars are increasingly popular  at least in west.
SsangYong eXiv concept

 Jaguar presented their F-type roadster which will hit production next year. And the next generation Range Rover is said to have been the cynosure at the show. The completely new car with state of the art features and technology is also due for sales next year. The chassis for the next generation Enzo featured at the Ferrari stall. The car will be limited edition and more likely to be a hybrid too.

Several other brands like Toyota, Audi, Maserati, Lexus, and many more showcased their products too. Great fanfare isn’t?

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