Volvo FM, FH LNG-powered Trucks on par with Diesels

Volvo LNG-powered Trucks

Volvo is coordinating gas suppliers and customers to expand LNG infrastructure in Europe. 

Volvo Trucks has introduced Euro-6 compliant heavy duty trucks running on liquefied natural gas or biogas in the European market. The trucks will be offered in 420 or 460 hp power ratings with gross vehicle weights of up to 64 tonnes. The new Volvo FM LNG and Volvo FH LNG will go on sale in the first half of 2018.

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Interestingly, the new gas-run trucks have the same performance, driveability and fuel consumption as its diesel counterparts, making it practicable and economical for heavy-duty haulage. The 460 hp LNG engine delivers a maximum torque of 2,300 Nm, while the 420 hp unit generates 2,100 Nm – same as the diesel powertrains. Volvo´s new LNG powertrain uses the Diesel cycle technology in place of Otto cycle engine that is traditionally used for gas-run engines, thereby ensuring no compromise in power and torque output. The SCR and particulate filter are in place for exhaust after-treatment.

Volvo LNG Trucks
Volvo gas-run trucks match the performance, driveability and fuel consumption of its diesel counterparts, making it practicable and economical for heavy-duty haulage

To extend the driving range, the LNG is stored in cryogenic state at 4-10 bar pressure at a temperature of -140 to -125 °C inside the tank. Volvo offers tank capacity for a range of up to 1,000 km. Re-fuelling time is no different as the diesel. On drive, the fuel has to be warmed up to gas form to be injected into the engine. In order to ignite the gas, a tiny quantity of diesel is added at the moment of injection. To gain absolute eco-compatibility, Volvo is presenting HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils) for this purpose in place of conventional diesel.

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Volvo FH, FM LNG Trucks – Image Gallery

Photos Credit: Volvo Trucks

*An edited version of this article has been published in the January 2018 edition of MotorIndia Magazine.

Volvo 9900 and 9700 ‘Kortrijk Edition’ Coaches – 2017 Busworld Europe


Special edition coaches feature a unique interior and exterior design elements and badges.

This year´s Busworld exhibition that just concluded at the city of Kortrijk in Belgium was the last of its kind, a tradition coming to an end after 45 years. Volvo Buses wanted to make the glorious occasion special, with the signature “Kortrijk Edition” of its premium luxury coaches. Only 10 units of the specially designed Volvo 9900 and Volvo 9700 coaches with Kortrijk signature ornamentation are built by the brand. The buses are up for grabs till the end of this year in all markets throughout the Europe.

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The “Kortrijk Edition” Volvo 9900 and Volvo 9700 coaches boast unique interior and exterior design elements and signature badges. This includes specially designed seat upholstery and leather-clad entry grab-handles, among others. The chassis of the coaches feature automatic height control, while Volvo’s fuel-saving I-See system is also on board the luxury liners.

Volvo 9700 Coach_WagenClub(7)
Volvo Safety: Both 9900 and 9700 coaches boast protective structure and class-leading active systems for driver assistance and passive safety

Both the flagship Volvo 9900 and 9700 models are powered by Euro 6-compliant 11-litre diesel engine that generate max power up to 460 hp. The engine is mated to advanced and energy-saving Volvo I-Shift automatic gearbox. The buses are equipped with Volvo Dynamic Steering technology as well.

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The comprehensive safety package of the Volvo coaches includes Lane Keeping Support, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Collision Warning with Emergency Braking. In addition, Knee Impact Protection, Front Impact Protection, and Front Under-run Protection System is also on the list, along with extra lighting for optimum visibility. The buses are loaded with camera to ward-off blind spots for the driver.

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Volvo 9900 – Image Gallery

Volvo 9700 – Image Gallery

Photo Credits: Volvo Buses