Mercedes-Benz Citaro Hybrid with Supercapacitors – 2017 Busworld Europe

Mercedes-Benz Citaro hybrid

The hybrid system offers up to 8.5 percent lower fuel consumption than the conventional diesel-powered Citaro.

Daimler Buses had world debuted its Citaro Hybrid range of urban buses under the Mercedes-Benz marque at the 2017 Busworld Europe, Kortrijk in Belgium. The company has now made the hybrid technology optional for a wide range of Citaro buses fitted with both diesel and natural gas-powered engines (NGT models) in rigid, articulated, or low-entry layouts. Daimler says that it considers hybrids not as an interim technology en-route to electric drive systems, but as an efficient way to hone the ICE systems.

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The Citaro hybrid combines a series of energy-efficient technologies to save fuel consumption. To start with, the Intelligent Eco Steering, an electro-hydraulic steering system, operates only on demand unlike the conventional hydraulic steering systems. Next is the braking energy recuperation, by which the electric motor that assists the IC engine acts as a generator during braking and overrun phases.

Mercedes-Benz Citaro hybrid
MB Citaro Hybrid features twin-modules supercapacitors (2 Ah total capacity) containing 16 double layer capacitors at a space-saving location over the roof.

The energy thus generated is then stored in double layer capacitors called as `supercaps´ (aka supercapacitors) that are characterized by high power density. They are best suited for high power peaks and quick changeover between charging and discharging during start/stop cycles in typical city bus operation. Daimler has ideally placed the twin-modules supercapacitors (2 Ah total capacity) containing 16 double layer capacitors at a space-saving location over the roof. A water-cooler inverter converts the DC into AC to drive the electric motor.

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The disc-shaped synchronous electric motor, on the other hand, is positioned between the IC engine and the automatic gearbox, just like the way it was done in Mercedes-Benz E-300 BlueTEC Hybrid some five years ago! In fact, this motor is used in Mercedes S-Class cars as starter motors! This straightforward design is perhaps compact and less-heavy, also effective in assisting the engine when it demands power, especially while moving off from idle. The electric motor simply reduces the engine burden, that is why there is hardly any boost to the max power and speed generated. Yet, fuel consumption is reduced in the process.

Mercedes-Benz Citaro hybrid
Mercedes-Benz Citaro Hybrid features Intelligent Eco Steering, an electro-hydraulic steering system. Read more here

Again like its passenger cars, Daimler has equipped the Citaro hybrid with a 48 volt energy architecture thereby eliminating any high-voltage safety restrictions in its design. The compactness of the hybrid system results in almost no loss of passenger space in the cabin. The hybrid system is compatible with Citaro´s two prime range of engines – Mercedes-Benz OM 936 G 6-cylinder in-line diesel in both vertical and horizontal layouts, and M 936 G natural gas engine used in Citaro NGT.

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Mercedes-Benz Citaro Hybrid – Image Gallery

Photos Credit: Daimler Buses

BYD Midibus Battery Electric 8.7m – 2017 Busworld Europe

BYD Midibus 8.7m Electric_WagenClub(1)

BYD´s all-new low-floor midibus targeted at European markets. 

At the international Busworld exhibition this year at Kortrijk, Belgium, Chinese electric bus maker BYD has unveiled its all-new 8.7-metre battery-powered `Midibus´. This new European-spec e-bus augments the brand´s wide range of electric bus portfolio that already covers 10.2, 10.8 and 12m single deckers, an 18m articulated, double deckers and an inter-city electric coach.

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This is the fourth appearance of the electric auto maker at Busworld event, and the company is continuing to prove its expertise as the most important player of electric buses and battery technology, that too in a tech-savvy European market! The company also unveiled its 12-metre low-floor electric bus built 100 percent in Europe for the first time, at its newly established assembly at Komarom in Hungary.

BYD Midibus 8.7m Electric_WagenClub(4)
BYD will promote the Midibus in those niche and tricky segments of e-bus space in Europe where its larger models cannot penetrate.

Coming back to the BYD Midibus, the e-bus measures 8,750 mm long, 2,455 mm wide, and 3,225 mm high, with a wheelbase of 4,350 mm. The bus´s floor height is 370 mm, while its turning radius is pegged at 16 metres. BYD claims that the unique frontal design of the Midibus previewing its future family styling sets new standards amid the competition. The all-new aluminium body construction is also superior, it adds. The Midibus can seat up to 58 passengers, along with room for 36 standees. The bus is fully air-conditioned as well.

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The battery-operated bus shares BYD´s Iron Phosphate battery technology, which is paired to a 90 x 2 kW electric propulsion. Charging source is twin AC 40 kW units, with a minimum charging time of two hours. BYD claims that the Midibus can clock 200 km range on single charge. The company is hoping to promote this bus in new sectors of the European market, especially on those niche and tricky segments where BYD’s larger models cannot penetrate.

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BYD Midibus Battery Electric 8.7m – Image Gallery

Scania Citywide LF Battery Electric – 2017 Busworld Europe

Scania Citywide LF Electric_WagenClub(8)

The all-electric city bus is scheduled to go on sale by next year.

Commercial bus maker Scania´s product range on display at the 2017 Busworld Kortrijk show also includes the battery-run low-floor city bus Scania Citywide. The Citywide LF Electric, which was on initial trials in Sweden, has received first-ever public premiere at the bus expo in Belgium.

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Although the company has not revealed any technical specifications and performance ratings of the electric drivetrain, it is understood that the battery-electric technology has been developed in-house after rigorous testing. Typical Combined Charging System (CCS) via cable sourcing of power from the main grid is available in these buses.

Scania Citywide LF Electric_WagenClub(1)
Scania Citywide LF Battery Electric city bus with Wireless Inductive Charging system

In addition, Scania´s innovative wireless inductive charging is worth mentioning. This under body charging units built exclusively at the bus stops, so that the battery gets replenished while waiting for passengers. Sources say that a 7-minute charging can extend the driving range of the city buses by 14 kms.

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Scania claims that this method of opportunity charging is designed specifically for high-capacity urban routes. The system is already on test in the Swedish city of Södertälje for the brand´s electric-hybrid buses. Volvo Buses, on the other hand, is banking more on the open-source “OppCharge” opportunity charging infrastructure in Europe for its pure-electric and e-hybrid buses.

Scania Citywide LF Electric_WagenClub(9)
Scania Citywide LF Electric: Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis rendition on the roof inside the cabin!

The Scania Citywide LF Electric on display at the show is more than just a mobility product, but a work of art too! The designers have made exotic lighting impressions inside the cabin, with the use of unique and novel materials of Scandinavia. The roof brings wondrous rendition of the `Northern Lights´phenomenon, that is popular in the region of northern Sweden where the e-bus is soon to be inducted into service.

Apart from the Citywide LF Battery-Electric, Scania´s buses portfolio at the 2017 Busworld Europe event includes Scania Touring, Scania Interlink HD, Scania Interlink MD, and Scania Interlink LD Hybrid.

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Scania Citywide LF Battery Electric – Image Gallery

Photo Credits: Scania