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Hello people, is pleased to offer a variety of advertising and online marketing opportunities for clients seeking strong audience related to our content. - Blog on Cars, Bikes, CVs

Our standard products include media advertising spaces (in static header and sidebars) and sponsored posts (300 words) on our site, but we can always accommodate our client’s specific requirements on ad sizes and word limit. We can make your ads appear on specific pages, or target specific categories of posts, or make an exclusive ad page.

Or, if you have a great product or business related to our contents, we can help you get the word out loud! We can published sponsored post contents, write new and detailed reviews or content for you.

We are one-hundred percent motor fans, publishing news stories, review and buying opinion on cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles, covering a wide array of topics and themes including automotive technology, car culture, sustainable mobility, and industry-policy analysis. We give exclusive importance to eco-friendly automobiles like electric vehicles, hybrids, and autonomous cars.

# Media Advertising

  1. Static Header Ad (Leaderboard 728 x 90) – All pages = $8 per month
  2. Static Sidebar Ad Left (Large Skyscraper 300 x 600) – All pages = $6 per month
  3. Static Sidebar Ad Right (Skyscraper 160 x 600) – All pages = $5 per month
  4. Page-level Ad (inside post body 336 x 280) – All blog posts = $6 per month
  5. Page-level Ad (inside post body 575 x 280) – All blog posts = $8 per month

# Sponsored Post

  1. Standard format – 300 words = $8 per post
  2. Large format – 500 words = $10 per post

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