Tata Starbus EV 12m Electric Bus – Auto Expo 2018

Tata Electric bus launch

Compliant to UBS-II passenger safety and comfort standards, along with the goal of zero-emission transport. 

Tata Motors revealed the zero-emission, next-generation Starbus EV 12-metre battery-electric bus to select media at their Pune facility last year. At the 2018 Auto Expo that ended last week, the company displayed it to the public for the first time. The new epoch-making bus stood alongside a variety of EVs that the home-grown company displayed as a part of “Smart Mobility, Smart Cities” theme at the auto expo.

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The new Starbus EV is built on the improved, UBS-II complaint LPO 1823 platform, shared along with Starbus Hybrid and Starbus Fuel Cell. Visually akin to its hybrid and FCV siblings, the electric bus boasts eye-catching ‘EV’ blue sticker graphics on the sides, along with LED head lights and tail lamps with DRLs. The bus measures 2,600 mm wide and 3,600 mm high, with a wheelbase of 5,930 mm. The 18-tonne bus can accomodate 60 passengers including standees.

Over the taller flat roof is the Lithium-ion battery pack with specialized cooling system that protects the cells from the extremities of tropical climates like that of India. It powers the traction motor mounted on the rear axle, which delivers an output of 200 kW of peak power, according to the manufacturer. Depending on the size of the battery pack and operation conditions, the Starbus EV is expected to offer a driving range of around 200 kms.

Tata Electric bus interiors

Tata Starbus EV is one of the most premium-built electric bus one can find in the country. 

Tata Motors has announced that a customised AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) can be extended for the Starbus EV. The company is also ready to work with their buyers (STUs primarily) to tailor-make electric buses that can suit their unique requirements, it adds. The Starbus EV is also available in non-AC version, along with an option of 900 mm floor-height variant for BRTS applications.

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Other key techs and equipment available with Starbus EV are electronically-controlled air suspension and braking system with ABS assist, regenerative braking, KPIT passenger information system with telematics and GPS navigation, in-cabin CCTV cameras, entertainment system with LED screens, premium quality seats with ample leg-room, ambient lighting, and wheel-chair provision for differently abled.

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