Tata Signa 2518.T Reefer Container with AMT Gearbox – Auto Expo 2018

Tata Signa AMT Carrier Reefer

Demonstrates AMT technology for heavy commercial vehicles to reduce TCO. 

Tata Motors has introduced fully-built Signa multi-axle containerized refrigerated truck equipped with AMT technology at the 2018 Auto Expo. The company is trying to cash on fast-growing containerized freight, but with sophisticated AMT that offers enhanced driveability and better fuel economy. The reefer container is sourced from Carrier.

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Aimed at refrigerated long-haulage applications involving food and pharmaceutical products, the Signa 2518.T reefer truck features air-conditioned and ergonomically-designed sleeper cab. As in case with other 25-tonne GVW Signa trucks, it is powered by the same Cummins ISBe 5.9-litre diesel engine producing an output of 180 hp power and 700 Nm of torque.

Tata Signa Carrier Reefer Truck

Tata Signa 2518.T Reefer Container benefits from ergonomically-designed Signa sleeper cab and AMT technology.

But it is the 6-speed Tata G750 AMT gearbox that makes all the difference. It consists of 380 mm diameter single-plate dry-friction clutch with a 3.5-inch Electro-Pneumatic Clutch boosters. With no clutch pedal for the driver to act on, the AMT system automates clutch and shift actuation, helping drivers to focus their attention on the road. This can help improve vehicle control, eases out handling in city traffic, and improves vehicular and road safety.

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But that’s not all. Tata Motors assures that AMT delivers better fuel economy and lesser maintenance cost due to fewer mechanical parts in the transmission unit. Further, optimised gear shifting enhances clutch and transmission life, resulting in prolonged replacement periods.

The company has introduced two other Signa truck variants at the auto expo this year – Signa 4323.T 6-Axle rigid and Signa 2518.K with Schwing Stetter Concrete Boom Pump. The truck maker is demonstrating the chassis design aptness of Signa to various application and acquisition cost advantage of these trucks to specific applications. With the ‘semi-premium’ trucks with higher tonnage and cabin comfort fast picking-up in the country, the Signa range of medium and heavy-duty trucks is likely to attract a huge customer base in the coming years.

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Photos Credit: Rajesh Rajgor

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