MAN Trucks Manufacturing at Pithampur (MP) – Factory Visit

MAN India Factory Visit

Established in 2005 sprawling an area of approx. 85 acres at Pithampur in the outskirts of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, the MAN Trucks India boasts one of the advanced and automated CV assembly unit in the country. With a capacity to roll out 9,000 truck and bus chassis per year, the production facility was chasing a monthly target of 277 units the time when we visited the unit in December 2017, with a daily average of 15 units. The brand’s CLA (stands for ‘Cargo Line Asia’) platform underpins all the products assembled in this facility.

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The plant is broadly divided into three sections – ‘Truck-in-Box’ (TIB), ‘Aggregate Shop’, and the ‘Vehicle Shop’. The TIB section involves CKD packaging of truck and bus chassis (with or without cabin) in wooden boxes that are then loaded tight-packed into large containers for export markets. With a total exports of 10,800 units with presence in more than 38 countries so far, the current operation stands at 100 units per month for 12 overseas market in African, South-East Asian, and Middle-East region. Almost 40 percent of total production of this facility caters to exports.

MAN Trucks assembly india

The Aggregates shop where engine and related components are assembled.

The Aggregate Shop is where all the components and mechanical parts are prepared for final assembly. This includes axles and engine peripherals for BS IV and Euro 2 and 3 (for some export markets). Oil Filling and electronic calibration to key components are also done here. Compiled aggregates are then moved to the Vehicle Shop, which involves an assembly line. The process starts by fitting axle and suspension modules into the chassis, followed by placing engine into the housing. The cabin, imported from China, is later mounted on the frame only to be sent to rigorous testing and final vehicle audit processes.

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*An edited version of this article has been published in the February 2018 edition of MotorIndia Magazine.

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