Goldstone-BYD K9 12m Electric Bus (production version) – Auto Expo 2018

Goldstone electric bus 12 metre

The bus body has been built by MG Auto atop the BYD K9 international chassis.

Goldstone Infratech revealed the locally-designed production version of BYD K9 12-metre pure-electric city bus at the 2018 Auto Expo, which closed yesterday. The battery-electric bus boasts an all-new body garb tailor-made for Indian requirements and safety standards. The chassis with the electric powertrain and other mechanical remains largely inherited from the imported BYD K9 electric bus, which was under trials with various STUs last year.

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The Hyderabad-based company is fast expanding its manufacturing facility to assemble 300 buses an year. Goldstone says that the K9 production version has incorporated numerous changes and upgradations based on inputs from trials, with the percentage of localisation of components going up everyday. As of now, the battery pack, powertrain, and chassis components are imported from China. By the end of this year, local assembly of battery pack is planned for, with imported cells, adds the company.

Design wise, the new K9 all-electric bus appears more bulbous and spacious inside than the international BYD K9. Styling is a bit familiar, but equally innovative, thanks to the triple-headlamp styling and large windshield area up front. The doors and the glass arena over the sides are large again, providing an airy and bright ambience inside the air-conditioned cabin.

Goldstone electric bus steering

Goldstone K9 production model e-bus has incorporated numerous changes and upgradations based on inputs from trials, and is highly localized in assembly. 

The e-bus can accommodate 39 passengers excluding driver and standees. The seats in the display bus are semi-reclining type, while the seating arrangement is in such a way that there is optimum aisle and legroom for each passengers. For the driver, the seat is multi-way adjustable, while the multi-function steering wheel, instrumentation cluster, and other controls are derived from the previous model. Other features includes remote smart keys, hand-held ticket-vending machine connected to the intelligent bus management system with telematics and infotainment features, and push button gear selector.

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The K9 bus is powered by Iron phosphate (Fe) battery pack of 324 kWh / 600 Ah rating. It drives the twin rear wheel-hub AC synchronous motors of 90 kW output rating each. Goldstone claims a charging time of 4-5 hours, with a driving range up to 250 kms on full charge. Both the front and rear axles are air-suspended, while all the four wheels are equipped with disc brakes assisted by ABS technology.

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