Emflux One Electric Sportbike – Auto Expo 2018

Emflux electric superbike

0-100 kmph acceleration in just 3 seconds, with a top speed of 200 kmph.

At the 2018 Auto Expo, Greater Noida, Indian start-up company Emflux Motors unveiled their performance-oriented electric motorcycle ‘Emflux One’ for the first time. The company says that the prices of the e-sportbike may range from INR 6 lakhs to INR 11 lakhs, depending on the variants and performance upgrades. It plans to build 199 units for the domestic market and an another 300 units for the international markets.

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The chassis of the Emflux consists of a tubular steel trellis frame and sub-frame, which hosts the liquid-cooled 9.7 kWh Li-ion battery pack (with high-power Samsung cells). An Emflux Wrap charger using regular 15A wall charger can replenish 80 percent of battery in just 36 minutes. An advanced battery management system is also in place to protect it from extreme conditions.

The battery pack runs the 3-phase AC Induction motor with liquid cooling to generate a max power of 60 kW and torque of 84 Nm (limited to 71 hp and 75 Nm from the controller). A direct drive transmission sends power to the wheel through a drive chain. Emflux Motors claims a driving range of 200 kms for city conditions and 150 kms for highways (at 80 kmph). With a claimed acceleration of 0-100 kms in just 3 seconds, the Emflux One can hit a top speed of 200 kmph.

Emflux electric superbike

Emflux One features state-of-the-art connected and digital technologies.

Design wise, the Emflux One is exorbitantly sporty and muscular, thanks to its sharp-cut design language all across the body. The exclusive trellis single side swing arm makes complements the boldness, while stylish alloy pattern and LED lights make it look way futuristic. There is a 6.8-inch touchscreen smart display in place of rider instrumentation, which is multi-functional including real time vehicle diagnosis.

There are dual camera up front and one at the rear, along with GPS, wired (CAN) and wireless (Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G) connectivity! Emflux Learning OS V1.0 and System UI intelligent smart software is also on the list. Powerful monoblock aluminium Brembo brakes are on offer, along with dual-channel ABS and regenerative braking technologies. The advanced Ohlins suspension system is best suited for sporty, track performance, claims the company.

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Emflux Motors, founded by a bunch of technology enthusiasts, is aiming to empower 10 Million electric two wheeler’s in India by 2027, through producing performance electric motorbikes and supplying e-bike systems to other OEMs.

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