Ashok Leyland Circuit S with Swappable Battery – Auto Expo 2018

Swap Battery Bus

Swappable Smart Battery is sourced from SUN Mobility; swapping time under 4 minutes.

Ashok Leyland has unveiled the country’s first ‘Swap Battery Bus’ at the 2018 Auto Expo, Greater Noida that has just opened today for media. The ‘Circuit S’ electric bus is a product of the CV maker’s partnership with SUN Mobility, who joined hands together to provide “Smart Mobility solutions for Smart Cities”. The swap battery solution tries to address range anxiety associated with electric buses and longer recharging periods.

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The 25-35 seat bus prototype runs on easily swappable ‘smart’ batteries manufactured by SUN Mobility. The company claims that the batteries are lightweight and compact, just 1/4th of the weight of the regular Lithium-ion battery, are upgradeable, efficient, and long-lasting. It has also designed a unique computer-controlled, automated swapping system that is modular and cost-effective. It can be used for 9-metre, 10-metre, and 12-metre buses, adds the company.

SUN Mobility Battery Swap

Designed by SUN Mobility, the smart and modular designed battery interchange system swaps battery in less than 4 minutes.

The Circuit S is a technology demonstrator, which is first of its kind in India. Ashok Leyland claims that the product enbodies ‘Design in India’ and ‘Make in India’ aspirations in addressing country’s rising e-mobility needs and global demand for smarter solutions for public transport. SUN Mobility says that by separating batteries from electric buses, their upfront cost of the product can be drastically reduced.

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The Circuit S swap battery bus features differentiated front and rear fascia styling, unlike the Circuit Electric bus based on Jan Bus Midi platform. The bus is uniquely designed for Indian usage conditions as the compact battery packaging allows for more passenger space and standing room.

This is the only product from Ashok Leyland that is on display at the Auto Expo event this year.

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