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What is………

The term roadster is derived from a Roman word that refers to a horse used for riding on the roads. Old dictionaries define it as an open-type car designed for use on ordinary roads with a single seat for two persons and often, a rumble seat. In the modern age, a roadster ia a car with an open-type body with two seats and a luggage compartment in the rear deck. A weather-proof fabric top is provided which can be folded.

The term sportscar is commonly used to describe a relatively small, low slung car with a high performance engine and excellent handling. Sportscars outperform sedans or hatches in terms of acceleration as well as top speed.

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)
A sport utility vehicle, commonly known as SUV, is a vehicle usually built on a rugged chassis. SUVs are generally taller and bigger than usual cars and are aimed for off-road ventures. They are usually powered with torquey engines. Hummer, Rtange Rover, Mercedes GL-Class, etc.  are some familiar examples.

In the early 1990s, a Spyder was usually considered a light two-seater car. In the 1950, the word was revived by some Italian manufacturers for an open two-seater sportscar. Nowadays, the sportscars’ open top variants are usually termed as Spyder variants.