Ashok Leyland Circuit Electric Bus (Jan Bus Midi EV) Launched

Ashok Leyland Jan Bus Midi EV

Claims 120 kms electric driving range on single charge, with 75 kmph top speed.

Ashok Leyland has unveiled the country’s first ‘made-in-India’ all-electric bus ‘Circuit’ mini-bus at the company’s facility in Chennai. Fully based on the company’s Jan Bus Midi platform, the Circuit features a pure-electric powertrain along with a Lithium-ion battery pack.

The home-grown CV maker is keen on commercial launch of this EV in the near future. It added that the Circuit EV series will spawn multiple models and platforms suiting a variety of segment in the days to come. “The Circuit series of buses is another testament to Ashok Leyland’s commitment to leverage India’s technological innovation to deliver relevant and best-in-class solutions for India and the world”, said Mr. Vinod K. Dasari, Managing Director.

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Ashok Leyland Electric Bus

Ashok Leyland Circuit series of EVs will see new models in multiple platforms covering various segments in future

The Circuit mini-bus measures 8.2 metres long, with a wheelbase of 4.2 metres. Thanks to the space saving layout of electric powertrain and battery pack, the Circuit bus can accommodate 31 passengers, unlike its diesel-powered Jan Bus Midi with only 22 seats. Ashok Leyland has not revealed the technical details of the electric powertrain, its output figures, and the battery pack.

Some of the technological features in this battery-electric urban bus includes an advanced telematics system and a driver information display with integrated speedometer that brings out the real-time status of the powertrain and the battery. There is a push-button gear selector for gear shifts, while an LCD screen in front of the driver displays the rear and cabin camera view. Moreover, there is also an on-board WiFi facility for the passengers, along with an individual USB port for every seat to charge mobile devices.

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Last year at the BSVS 2015, Ashok Leyland presented its Optare Versa all-electric low-floor bus. Early this year at the 2016 Auto Expo, the company revealed its electric-hybrid Hybus powered by ultra-capacitors – India’s first non-plugin series hybrid bus. With its commitment to bring in more eco-friendly models, we can expect more electric variants of its popular platforms from Ashok Leyland.

Meanwhile, the company is now gearing up for nation-wide customer deliveries of Guru range of light trucks.

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