VW Beetle – The Super Bug

Volkswagen revealed the latest version of its ‘world car’, the Beetle. The latest car builds on the semi-retro ‘New Beetle’, which was introduced in 1998 and accounted for more than a million sales before it was finally discontinued last year. It is considerably wider and longer than the VW Golf. The new Beetle gets sharper, squarer bumpers, and a more rakish roofline. New features for the Beetle include LED daytime running lights, bi-xenon headlights, an integrated rear spoiler, and larger wheels (up to 19in will be available).

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It is expected to be powered with three turbo-charged petrol units and a pair of turbo-charged diesel motors. The most potent petrol variant can reach 207kph and the 1.6 TSI get VW’s electronic differential lock, which brakes to stop the unloaded inside wheel from spinning during cornering. 

The dashboard-mounted flower vase – one of the 1998 model’s most distinguishing features – has been dropped, giving the Beetle’s fascia a more conventional look. A convertible version is already under development. However, this new bug is unlikely to be introduced in India till mid-2012.

Dhiyanesh Ravichandran

Dhiyanesh is equally crazy about driving cars and writing about them. This guy loves everything with a steering wheel, so, at someday if self-driving cars take up all driving, he is sure to go nuts! He likes sedans of 90s era, esp W140 S-Class and R34 Skyline GT. Apart from usual motoring stuffs, he maintains a strong appetite for sociological perspectives on cars, their historical and cultural footprints. He owns a 1999 Fiat Siena passionately, and drives a Ford Fiesta.